Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a genus of about 240 species of herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family, native to subtropical and tropical regions of the world. It is widely grown for the sweet compounds (steviol glycosides) extracted from the leaves as a sugar substitute. It has zero calories but is 200 times sweeter than table sugar.

Health benefits of stevia:
• Natural sweetener substitute to table sugar
• Helps to control diabetes (no effect on blood glucose or insulin response)
• Helps to control weight
• Helps to treat Pancreatic Cancer (sterols and antioxidants reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%)
• Controls blood pressure
• Useful in children’s diet
• Useful to control or avoid allergies

Preparation method:
• Boil water. Different types of tea require different water temperatures to brew.
• Warm up the teapot.
• Put the tea into a teapot and add hot water.
• Cover the teapot and steep the tea.
• Strain tea solids and pour hot tea into tea cups.

Additional benefit: Use the strained tea solids as a face pack by making a paste out of the residue.

Safety measures:
• Stevia products also contain sugar alcohol. Hence, people with sensitivity to sugar alcohol may experience bloating, abdominal cramps, nausea, and diarrhea.
• If you experience any discomfort, please contact your physician as soon as possible.


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